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Karas white classic 2018

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Karas white classic 2018

Vintage 2018

Blend information Kangun, Chardonnay, Viognier
Origin Armavir Region, Republic of Armenia.

Producer’s comment Superb blend of local andinternational varieties. The potential of the soil isexpressed by the acidity of the grapes.

Chief winemaker Gabriel Rogel (Argentina)

Consulting winemaker Michel Rolland (France)
Alcohol 14%. 

750 ml

Climate Continental highlands climate with hot summers and cold dry winters.
Vinication Hand harvested grapes are pressed. After a cool 24 hour decantation process, the juice is fermented for 20 days at 14-16ºC.
Serving suggestions Pairs well with fish, seafood, pastas and fruit desserts
Ideal serving 7 to 12 °C.

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