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Hinarenivoskehat 2018

Hin Areni Voskehat white 2018

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Hin Areni Voskehat white 2018

Vintage 2018

Grape Variety Voskehat
Origin Vayots Dzor, Republic of Armenia.

Producer’s commentIt’s a finely crafted wine, made from grapes harvested in the historic village of Areni, known for its millennial wine making traditions. Areni’s sedimentary and rich volcanic soil, coupled with high-elevation climate, gives this wine a very expressive structure. Supple and elegant, floral to the nose, this wine boasts rich aromas of honey and hints of apricot; it is pleasantly tart and crisp to the finish.

Chief winemaker Anri Davtyan

Alcohol 14%. 

750 ml

Climate Continental highlands climate with hot summers and cold dry winters. 
Volcanic soil.
Vinication Hand harvested grapes are selected on the table before cold maceration. Fermentation is carried out at 16ºC for 15-20 days. 
Serving suggestions fish, seafood, pastas and fruit desserts.

Ideal serving 8 °C.




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