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Hin Areni Cuvée Azad Reserve (Areni Noir)

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Hin Areni Cuvée Azad Reserve (Areni Noir)

 Areni Noir 100% 

  • Made from a selection of the best Areni Noir grapes of Hin Areni vineyard. The wine is aged in Caucasian oak barrels for 12 months.
  • The vineyard is located on an altitude of 1250 meters. Ungrafted vines of Areni Noir are growing on the volcanic soils of Vayots Dzor. 
  • Perfect to drink now, this wine should continue to evolve for 3 to 5 years. 

    Data sheet

    Region/Country Voyots Dzor, Armenia
    Winery Hin Areni
    Vintage 2015
    Grape variety Areni Noir
    Winemaker Didier Cornillon
    Volume 750 ml
    Alcohol content 14,5%
    Delivery European Union

    More info

    Vayots Dzor Region and Areni village in particular has been the cradle of Armenian winemaking for millennia. The findings give the grounds to assert that Armenia is one of the ancient areas where grape cultivation, processing and wine-making was developed.
    A 6,100-year-old winery was discovered in 2007 in the the village of Areni. Areni is in the same time the name of a village, an indigenous grape variety and wine appellation in the southern part of Armenia.
    “Hin Areni” vineyards are situated at an elevation of 1215-1250 meters above the sea level, in and around Areni village. Long dry summers, with remarkably vivid sunlight and high daytime temperatures contrast with cool nights encouraging a lengthy growing season and pushing harvest to the end of October.
    At “Hin Areni” we create wines from indigenous grape varieties coming from centuries: Areni and Voskehat. We strive to ensure that grape is given the chance to show its beauty and express the essence of the terroir. The sedimentary and rich volcanic soil, coupled with high elevation climate of Areni gives our wines an expressive aromatic bouquet and bold structure.

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