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ARARAT Akhtamar 10 years old 0,7 l

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ARARAT Akhtamar 10 years old 0,7 l

Ten year old ARARAT Akhtamar is the most emotional and artistic of the brandies. Its elegant bouquet is dominated by seductive notes of plum, complemented by hints of beeswax and walnut.
Aged 10 years. Alc.
by vol. — 40%


Akhtamar is a blend embodying inspiration and a love of beauty. This deep, rich and elegant brandy will make a perfect gift for those who value beauty, creativity and true art. 

ARARAT Akhtamar brandy is the personification of devotion and passion. In making this brandy, the masters of Yerevan Brandy Company were inspired by the ancient legend of the love of Princess Tamar for a brave young man, who drowned in the harsh waters of Lake Van trying to reach her. 

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