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ARARAT Otborny 7 years old 0,5 l

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ARARAT Otborny 7 years old 0,5 l

The seven year old ARARAT Otborny is a descendant of the first Armenian vintage brandy, created back in 1902. This complex and multi-faceted blend has a light aroma of fresh orange peel and a deep, long taste with hints of caramel and bitter almonds.
Aged 7 years.

Alc. by vol. — 40%

The elegant simplicity of ARARAT Otborny can give importance to any occasion. This historic blend will be a worthy gift not only to a true brandy connoisseur, but also to any man. 


ARARAT Otborny was the first vintage brandy, created in 1902 by the famous blending master Mkrtich Musinyants. It brought glory to its creator far from Armenia, was recognised in the historical home of cognac and was supplied to the Court of His Imperial Highness.


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